Save Life Save Earth use only Oxy-Biodegradable Carry bags. What is Oxy-Biodegradable Carry Bag The term 'Oxy-biodegradability' is a hybridisation of two words oxidation and biodegradability. It defines clearly a two step process initiated in this case by the Reverte™ additive degrading (breaking up) the polymer chain in order to make it available for biodegradability within the environment when a treated item has finished its useful life.

The oxidation phase reduces the polymer molecular weight and introduces oxygen into the structure. This process transforms the plastic from long strands to much smaller lenghts. By reducing the chain length of the polymer the material loses its physical strength, making it brittle and non-plastic. The biodegradability aspect refers to the conversion of these lower molecular weight species by bacteria into biomass, C02 and H20.
Approximated time for company to biodegradable when buried in a land fill
Product Time to Biodegrade
Oxy-Biodegradable bags 180 Days Wax coated milk carton 3 Months
Apple core 1-2 months Tin cans 50-100 years
General paper 1-3 months Aluminium cans 150-200 years
Paper towel 2-4 weeks Glass bottles Undetermined (forever)
Cardboard box 2 months Plastic bags 10-20 years
Cotton cloth 5 months Soft plastic (bottle) 100 years
Plastic coated milk carton 5 months Hard plastic (bottle cap) 5 400 years
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